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Tango is About the Connection Weekend of Workshops with Gabriela Condrea 4/4/14

Everything will be located at Heirloom Dance Studio with the exception being the Saturday night practica. That location is still being determined.

Cost: $80/whole weekend -OR- $25/class


8:00 pm – Fundamentals of Four-Leggedness – The Art of Walking Two as One

An introduction/re-introduction to the fundamental elements of tango and building a partnership with four legs. Both novices and experienced tangueros will find this useful. No prior experience necessary.

***Pot Luck, Book Reading, and Open Practica after the Lesson at Heirloom Dance Studio

The rest of the workshops are for Adv. Beginners and beyond!


1:00 pm – Secrets of Leading: Intention – Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say (Leads Only)

Do more with less. Work less while magnifying your results. In this all leads workshop, you will experience first-hand the huge difference intention in your movements can make to a partner. The essence of stability, protection and honor. Learn how to speak and listen to your partner so that what you ask of her is always something s/he feels like a queen executing.

2:30 pm – Secrets of Following: Presence – A New Flavor of Chocolate (Follows Only)

Learn techniques to help your partner feel like everything s/he leads is right on the money while exploring the breadth of your own body and gaining a deeper understanding into what feels good for you and how to ask for what you need so that your partner knows how to give it to you. This workshop will focus on developing presence and depth for a richer conversation so that you can subtly tease out new flavors and nuances in your dance and discover your own “Flavor of Chocolate.”

4:00 pm – Tango is About the Connection: WHEN 1+1=1 (Leads and Follows)

The lead is the head, while the follow is the neck. Experience how the two parts work together to develop a conversation built on respect and understanding. In this workshop we will bring together the work on intention and presence, highlighting and capitalizing on the strengths of each role and how the two can come together to form a whole greater than the sum of its parts: When 1+1=1.

Although the earlier lead and follow workshops are not mandatory, it is highly recommended that participants attend the respective workshop to deepen the experience in this workshop.

***There will be a practice starting mostly likely around 8:00 pm. The Location is T.B.D.


1:00 pm – The In’s and Out’s of Ochos

We’ll use ochos (the in’s, out’s and fundamentals of these essential spiral movements) to explore being active both as a follow and as a lead, so that you dance them together, so that you learn to move as one — in ochos and all types of situations you’ll encounter in your mutual embrace.

Check out the piece “A Place of 50-50,” from Gabriela’s book, WHEN 1+1=1:

2:30 pm – Let’s Play Footsie: Pasadas

These “footsie” workshops explore technique for specific movements from the inside-out. Through this organic approach, even tangueros with more experience will discover details that turn foot play from clumsy and uncomfortable to delicious and delectable, with insights that will take your tango footsie game to the next level! FOCUS: Pasadas

Classes Canceled on Tuesday 3/4

We apologize for the inconvenience, but the Fusion night is canceled tonight along with the 4 week Blues Concepts class. The Blues Concepts class will now be a 3 week class (resuming next week) for $30 instead. The Fusion night will resume as normal next week as well. We are attending an event that supports the BSU Jazz Ensemble, a cause that we feel is very important to all of us who enjoy live music in Boise. Feel free to join us, tickets are only $5 for awesome dancing and live music. Here is a link to the event.