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New Updates!

I’ve got a ton of news, so I’m going to try to keep it brief. I shut the doors of my studio this last Thursday. With the help of the kindest, most awesome, fantastic people in the entire world I was able to get out of the space quickly. There is no possible way I could have gotten all that done without the help of the dance community, so once again thank you to all of you who were able to help out.

This weekend I was able to talk to Jeremy Aevermann over at Solid and get two weekly dance nights on Mondays and Tuesdays (BTW Jeremy you are just so wonderful helping me out with this, and giving us a place to dance on such short notice). Monday will be Lindy Hop and Tuesdays will be West Coast Swing. Here are the links to those events:

-Lindy Hop-
Swingin’ at Solid: Vintage Night

-West Coast-
Swingin’ at Solid: West Coast Night

Today I had a meeting with The Gem Center for the Arts, and talked about doing some events in their gallery space. They are brand new and will be finishing construction in January. The place looks sooooo cool. It’s a big artist collaborative that will have everything from theater, ceramics, metal work, painting, photography…the list really goes on. Stay tuned, and I’ll have more information for you as things develop. You all should really check out their site because they are going to have some really fantastic opportunities for artists.

Then after that I ran over to talk with Natalie Gallegos at Carpe Danza Dance Studio (who is like the cooliest and nicest person ever, and she’s really being a rock star by helping me out so we love her very very much). She’s got a space that is very flexible and very easy to schedule in, so Steph and I going to start teaching our private lessons over there. So all of you with outstanding lessons, feel free to contact us and we can get your private lessons rolling again. Best of all it’s not far from the old location, so the move makes a whole lot of sense.

What I’ve got planned for the weeks to come:

-Promote the hell out of the new Swing nights at Solid

-Start figuring out series classes at Carpe Danza Dance Studio. I wouldn’t mind some input from you all for days and times that work for everyone, and what kind of stuff you would like us to teach. (Anyone on an Unlimited Pass from the old studio can come to these classes and we would still totally honor the passes. We’ll figure it out, but I am very concerned about everyone getting their moneys worth on these passes). I’ll probably have a plan on this within the next few days.

-Start going to the other dance events around town that I have been unable to go to in the past. Heck, maybe I’ll even take a class! 😮

-Get the practice nights for the Vintage Vanguard of Heirloom Dance Studio going again (Though now we will just be the Vintage Vangurard). The shirts should be here in a couple of days, so I got to get that out to everyone.

-And most of all, I think I’m gonna just have fun with it all!

Thank you all for your love, support, patience, and for being my awesome awesome friends. Below I have posted a gif closely representing how I feel my day is going.

Attention Dancers:

Boise Dancers,

After over 10 years of business in downtown Boise, Heirloom Dance Studio is regrettably closing it’s doors. As some of you are aware, the building has undergone new ownership, and they are taking it in a new direction. I understand that some of you have studio credit and unused lessons with us. I ask for your patience as I find a new space to continue teaching so that you all can redeem your purchases. We are excited to see what new doors open. In the immediate future we will mostly likely rent space at another studio or community center. It has been great to serve you all. I hope that I can continue to do so in a new capacity.