Private Dance Lessons

We are currently holding our private lesson at Carpe Danza located at 1736 W Main St, Boise, ID 83702.

14 hours: $770
9 hours: $540
4 hours: $260
1 hour: $70

Prices are for a single instructor to teach either one or two dancers

27 thoughts on “Private Dance Lessons

  1. Wondering about the days & hours available for private lessons. Wife and I both work full time in Ontario which is a little over an hour drive to your studio, I believe.

    Thank you.

  2. Hello, I’m a wedding planner and I have a couple interested in dance lessons before their wedding on May 2, 2015. Can you give me some more information on what you offer and what the cost is for some lessons? Thanks so much! Dawn Rising

    1. We can pretty much do whatever they would like to do. They have a lot of time, which is great to hear! I would just need to know what song they are doing and/or which dance they would like to do. Here is the price break down of our private dance lessons:

      14 hours: $700
      9 hours: $495
      4 hours: $240
      1 hour: $65

  3. Do you teach salsa? My step- daughter and I would love salsa lessons on saturdays. If not, can you direct me to someone who does teach salsa?

  4. So if I buy the 4 hour session does that mean I have to use all 4 hours in one day or break it up into multiple days?

  5. Hi, I would like to surprise my wife with some private ballroom dance lessons for our anniversary. We are looking for 3 or 4 lessons to start off.

  6. Hi Joel,

    I would like to take dance lessons again. Who is teaching salsa? Who is teaching Swing? I want to take private lessons if I can. I have a beginner partner and he is interested in swing.

    Pamela Massey

  7. Me and my husband are having a 20 year anniversary party in june and I am interested in a surprise dance to get the crowd going… I love the fifties so we were thinking like grease lightning or jail house rock. Can you guys help us out?

  8. I left you a phone message, however with my work situation, it is easier for me to communicate by email. I don’t think it would take but one or two classes to get the steps down, well maybe three. Is that possible. I am off on Mondays- those days are most ideal for me. Even two lessons in a day would work if that is possible. I know I am going to get hooked. I look forward to the possibility. Sorry so close to the event… too many things to do and didn’t even think of this until the last minute. But my Dad is 78yrs and I have never danced with him. It would be a wonderful to mark this off on my bucket list.

  9. My boyfriend got me a gift card for your private dance lessons and I have a question. Do we learn the entire dance in one lesson or do we need to take multiple?
    Also I normally do ballroom dancing barefoot, is that okay? All of my heels are 3+ inches high which makes dancing awkward. I have issues just walking in heels lower than 3 inches. Thank you!

    1. Normally it takes more then one lesson to learn a dance, but it entirely depends on the individuals. You are free to dance in whatever works best for you.

  10. Hi!
    My boyfriend and I would like to get started in WCS, so thought some private lessons would be a good way to jump-start it.
    Maybe your four hour package. Wed evening?

    1. Awesome! We are teaching at West Coast Swing 5 week series at the Broadway Studio on Apple St on Wed. at 7pm. We could do your private lesson at 6pm or at 8pm down at Broadway. Shoot me an email at heirloomstudio@gmail or give us a call or text at 208-871-6352 to get everything confirmed. We could even do this Wed. if you like.

  11. Hello! My fiance and I are getting married in August and we wanted any kind of dance made up to our first dance song. Is that something we can do while scheduling private lessons to learn it? Thank you so much for your time!

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