New $5 Open Dance Nights

THURSDAY:West Coast Swing
8pm-9pm Beginner Lesson
9pm-11pm Open Dance

9pm-10pm Beginner Lesson
10pm-2am Open Dance

8pm-9pm Beginner Lesson
9pm-11pm Open Dance

2 thoughts on “New $5 Open Dance Nights

  1. We want to do your drop in nights, as my husbsand travels for work. Is the schedule still as listed above? Sorry, don’t know what Balboa is??? Really interested in ballroom also. Any chance of drop in night lessons for ballroom? So glad to have found that your studio does this. Thank you, LeAnne

    1. We’ve got drop in nights on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. As far as a ballroom drop in night, we haven’t gotten the interest. However, if that changes we would be happy to add one. If scheduling is an issue have you considered private lessons? Then you can learn whatever lessons you want at any time you want.

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